Country: Canada
Warranty/ILW: 1 year parts and labour / ILW
Model: PS630C-G2061P - Satellite Pro M10
PS/AC Adaptor: Model PA3260U-1ACA  (Input 100V-240V~, Output 15V 4A)
IC: 248H-DPA3272W
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Cables: Power Cable
RJ-11 Modular Cable and Core
MISC: Spare AccuPoint (pointing device ) cap (47M204430P18)
Slim Select Bay weight saver module
Cleaning Cloth Blue
CD ROM's or Floppies: Product Recovery CD-ROM Set Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 Series.(2 CD's) (GX0C0005D110)(TR03105E1CD, 2CD)
Documentation: Toshiba User's Manual Satellite Pro M10 Series (GX1C0001X110)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Labeled for Distribution with a new Toshiba PC only. Part No (X08-48124) (XZ2020P213)
Certificate of Authenticity (Product Key) on the base of the notebook
Toshiba 1 year Warranty information brochure and extended warranty information (TCL1YWB0902)
Toshiba Instruction Manual For Safety & Comfort Guide (XZ2012P109A-1)
Toshiba Corporation End User License Agreement (72M204596P1)
Toshiba Addendum Sheet When Using SD Card Drive (PM0011245010)
Information Sheet for Drag'n Drop CD+DVD ( PM0011310010)
Toshiba Safety Instruction for Wireless Products (PM0000616010)
Toshiba Information sheet for Satellite Pro M10 Computer ( PM0011610030)
Toshiba Addendum Sheet for CD/DVD PLAY Button with DVD drive (PM0011776010)
Toshiba Catalogue Noteworthy Solutions (TCLNW0210B)
Using TOSHIBA Internal Modem (PM0011213010)
Toshiba Information Sheet for Wireless Interoperability (PM0011407010)
Addendum to Satellite Pro M10 (PM0011648010)
Information Sheet for EU Declaration of Conformity information (PM0011829010)
Information Sheet about an HDD Password (PM0011611010)
Information sheet for Satellite Pro M10 Cooling vent precautions (PM0011793010)
ADDENDUM Approved Countries/Regions for use ( PM0011405010)
Addendum Sheet Bluetooth  Stack for Windows by Toshiba (PM0011256010)
Processor: Pentium  M @ 1.5GHz
Memory Slots /  Max: 2 RAM slots, 2 occupied with 256 DDR memory module (1GB Max)
Memory: 512MB
Memory Slots / Available: 2 Slots, 1 Available
Display: 15" TFT UXGA
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 4 420 Go
Video RAM: 32MB DDR
Sound Card: SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Hard Drive: .60 GB
Hard Drive Partitions:  60 GB NTFS
RJ-45 LAN connector on back of the unit
RJ-11 Modem connector on back of the unit
SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port (IR module : HP) on front left corner of the unit
Built-in Bluetooth™ Antenna (Bluetooth™ enabled through service installation of optional, internal Bluetooth Module™)
Built-in Wireless Lan
Integrated Ports: Mono Microphone Jack on left side
Stereo Headphone Jack on left side
i.LINK™ (IEEE1394) on left side
SD Card Reader on left side
PC cards Slots on left side
Infrared Port on front left corner
S-Video TV-out connector on back of the unit
VGA Output Port on back of the unit
Printer/Parallel port on back of the unit
Universal Serial Bus (USB2.0) 2 on back of the unit
Wireless communication switch on front left corner
Windows XP Professional: Acrobat Reader 5.0
Bluetooth Toshiba Stack
InterVideo WinDVD  4
Drag'n Drop Software
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Toshiba Console
Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices
Toshiba Software Modem
Toshiba Utilities
Toshiba User's Manual
Windows Media Player 8.0
Remote Assistance
Wireless Hotkey
Toshiba Dual Pointing Device Utility
Toshiba Registration
Toshiba Display Devices Change Utility
Toshiba ConfigFree
NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers
DVD-RAM Driver
Alps Pointing device driver
Toshiba Controls
Toshiba Power Saver
Toshiba Mobile Extention3 for Windows XP V3.33.00.XP
Configuration Builder: NO
C.B. Install Apps and Drivers: Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba V2.01.01 Build20021212v2
DirectX 8.1
Service Pack 1
Internet Explorer 6.0
Internal Wireless LAN Driver V1.00
Internal Wireless LAN Utility V1.00
Drag'n Drop CD+DVD  V3.00.171
DVD-RAM Driver Software V3.0.7.0c
Hotfix for "Indeo video codec" Q327979
Hotfix for "Java Applet" vulnerabilities Q329077
Hotfix for "Unchecked Buffer in File decompression Function" Q329048
Hotfix for "Unchecked Buffer in HTML Help" security Q323255
Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V4.20.1009
InterVideo WinDVD  V4.08Build11.85a
NVIDIA GeForce 4 420 Go V36.48
Intel(R) PRO100 VE Network Connection V6.4.14
SD Card Driver Set V2.0.1
SMSC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port V5.1.2500.0b
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio V5.12.01.3528 Update2
ALPS Pointing Device Driver V6.0.301.8
TOSHIBA Common Modules V6.00.02
TOSHIBA ConfigFree V1.01.04
TOSHIBA Console V3.01.07
TOSHIBA Controls V2.05.2500
TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility V1.
TOSHIBA Help and Support V1.3
TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility for Display Devices V1.00.01.00-02
TOSHIBA Mobile Extension3 for Windows XP 3V3.36.00XP
TOSHIBA Power Saver V6.00.04
TOSHIBA Registration V1.0
TOSHIBA Skins for Windows Medea Player  V1.00.1121
TOSHIBA Software Modem  SM2121ALL02 / SM31116ALL2
TOSHIBA User's Manual v1.0
TOSHIBA TouchPad On/Off Utility V2.04.00
TOSHIBA Utilities V4.10.00
TOSHIBA Dual Pointing Device Utility V1.0.0.2
Wireless Hotkey v2.0.0.3
Windows Media Player for Windows XP V8.00
Intel mobile processor driver Q332179
SD Card Driver Set V2.0.1
TOSHIBA Management Console V3.0.1.OME Final 20030212
 C.B. Partition Options: N/A
To Enter: ESC
To Flash: ~
DMI: Satellite Pro M10
TSETUP Default Settings: Page 1

ACPI BIOS version = 1.40

Total = 262144KB


Date (MM-DD-YYYY)  = 06-12-2003
Time (HH:MM:SS)          = 02:53:44

Battery Save Mode = Full Power
Processing Speed= High
CPU Sleep Mode = Enabled

Display Auto off = 30Min.
HDD Auto off = 30Min.
LCD Brightness = Super-Bright

Cooling Method = Maximum Performance

Not Registered

HDD = Built-in HDD
HDD Password Mode  = User Only
User Password  = Not Registered

Boot Priority = HDD->FDD->CD-ROM->LAN
HDD Priority = Built-in HDD->Second HDD->PC Card
Network Boot Protocol = PXE

Power On Display = Auto-Selected
LCD Display Stretch= Enabled
TV Type = NTSC(US)

Power-up Mode = Boot
CPU Cache = Enabled
Level 2 Cache = Enabled
Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode = Dynamically Switchable
Auto Power on = Disabled

Page 2

Device Config. = Setup by OS

Serial = COM1(3F8H/IRQ4)
Parallel = Not Used

Built-in HDD = Primary IDE(1F0H/IRQ14)
Select Bay = Secondary IDE(170H/IRQ15)

PCI Bus = IRQ10, IRQ11

Controller Mode = Auto-Selected

Internal Pointing Devices = Enabled
Ext Keyboard "Fn" = Disabled
Parallel Port Mode = ECP
Hard Disk Mode = Enhanced IDE(Normal)

USB KB/Mouse Legacy Emulation = Enabled
USB-FDD Legacy Emulation=Enabled

Built-in LAN=Enabled