Country: Canada
Warranty/ILW: 1 year parts and labour / ILW
Model: PSAA8C-17202C - Satellite A100 (Mist Gray Top Cover - Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 945GM Graphic)
PS/AC Adaptor: Model: SADP-75PB B  Toshiba Part No: PA3469E-1AC3 (Input 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz, Output 15V 5A) Three Pins Plug Connector
IC: WiFi® 248H-DPA3489W
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Version 2002) (Service Pack 2) Version: 5.1.2715.2883 (xpsp(wmbla).060409-2023) Update Rollup2
- Bilingual English or French Operating System
Note: Users have ONE TIME choice to select language during initial setup, once the language is selected, the process and language cannot be reversed. (Please refer to TSB001331 for further information)
Cables: Power Cable - Three Pins Plug
RJ11 Modular Cable
MISC: Main Battery - Li-Ion BATTERY PACK PA3399U-2BAS DC10.8V, 4000mAh
CD ROM's or Floppies: Product Recovery DVD-ROM for Toshiba Satellite A100 (2 DVD - 1 of 2 CD Volume: S3A4031D002FR (TR06915EF1DVD PSAA8/PSAA9 *) and 2 of 2 CD Volume: CD Drive (TR06915EF2DVD PSAA8/PSAA9 *)) (GX0C000GW310) (6Z61B0137151) (Jewl case has Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003 image with Certificate of Authenticity (Product Key) on the back)
Note: Toshiba Express Media Player Recovery has to be created from Recovery Disc Creator within Original Windows XP Home Operating System, (Require 1 blank CD disc for Express Media Player Recovery CD) (CD Volume: S3A8153A002) Ver: 1.0.023-204782 
Documentation: Toshiba User's Manual Satellite A100 (6061B0137020)
Microsoft Windows XP manual package as described in the equipment checklist section is no longer supplied with all Toshiba Notebook (Please refer to TSB001242 for further information)
Certificate of Authenticity (Product Key) on the base of the notebook
Toshiba ONE (1) Year Standard Limited Warranty (TCL1YW051206)
Toshiba Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort (PMR300074_EN+FR)
End User License Agreement (72M204596P1_EN+FR)
Using TOSHIBA Internal Modem (PM0011213010_EN+FR)
ADDENDUM  - Approved Countries/Regions for use (GM9021861140_EN+FR)
Toshiba Information Sheet Wireless Interoperability (GM9021857120_EN+FR)
Toshiba Safety Instruction for Wireless Products (GM9021095110_EN+FR)
When you turn on the computer for the first time (TCLTSB001327_EN+FR)
Toshiba - Information Sheet (TCLTSB001328_EN+FR)
Toshiba - Updated Processor Information (6061B0178302_EN+FR)
Toshiba Catalogue Noteworthy Solutions (2006 Accessories Catalogue) (TCLNW0601B)
Processor: Intel® Centrino® Core 2 Duo Processor T5200 (1.6 GHz 533MHz FSB, L1 Cache 32KB/32KB (Instruction/Data), L2 Cache 2MB)
Memory Slots /  Max: 2 RAM slots - bottom of the unit (user accessible), both occupied with 512MB DDR2 533MHz; can be filled with 256MB, 512MB, 1GB or 2GB DDR2 (4GB Max = 2048MB x 1 + 2048MB x 1)
Memory: 2 X 512MB DDR2 (533 MHz)
Memory Slots / Available: 2 RAM slots, None available
Display: Type: TFT Active Matrix colour LCD display
Size (diagonal): 15.4" Wide XGA Wide Screen Active-Matrix display with TruBrite™  Screen Technology (Glossy Type)
LCD Panel Resolution: 1,280x800x16.7 million colours
External Support and Max. Colour Support (dependant on CRT):
Up to 2,048x1,536x16.7 million colours
Video: Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 945GM Graphic
Video RAM: 128MB DDR2 shared video memory
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio ALC861, software sound 16 bit stereo, built-in stereo speaker, Direct 3D Sound, DirectSound, DirectMusic, MIDI(playback)
Hard Drive: 120.0 billion bytes, 5,400 RPM, 9.5mm height, 2.5" (S-ATA)
Hard Drive Partitions: Disk #0, Size: 101.54GB (109,026,050,048 bytes) NTFS (Drive Volume: S3A4031D502)
Disk #0, Size: 10.00GB (10,742,214,656 bytes) NTFS (For further information about this partition please refer to TSB001331)
251MB in separate partition for Express Media Player
Optical Media Drives: Built-in DVD Super-Multi Double Layer Drive:
Read: CD-ROM(24X), DVD-ROM(8X)
Write: CD-R(24X), CD-RW(10X), DVD-R(8X), DVD-R(DL)(2X), DVD-RW(4X), DVD+R(8X),  DVD+R(DL)(2.4X),  DVD+RW(4X), DVD-RAM(5X) 
RJ-45 LAN connector on the back of the unit (Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection)
RJ-11 Modem connector on the right side of the unit
Built-in Intel® PRO Wireless 3945ABG (WM3945 ABG BGX) (802.11a/b/g) (Antenna Switch on the right side of the unit) (PA3489U-1MPC)
Integrated Ports: 1 Mono Microphone Jack on the front of the unit 
1 Stereo Headphone Jack on the front of the unit
1 5-in-1 MediaBridge Slot (SD Card, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick® Pro, MMC, xD-Picture Card™, ) on the front of the unit
1 PC card slot on the left side of the unit - support 1 Type II, support CardBus
1 Express Card Slot on the left side of the unit (On top of the PC card slot)
1 IEEE1394 port on the left side of the unit
1 TV Out (S-Video) on the left side of the unit
1 VGA Output Port on the left side of the unit
4 2.0 Universal Serial Bus Ports - 2 on the right, 2 on the back side of the unit
Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 : Click here to view all the installed software
Configuration Builder: YES - TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard from System Recovery Disk
C.B. Install Apps and Drivers: N/A
 C.B. Partition Options: YES - TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard from System Recovery Diskk
To Enter: ESC, Boot Option: F12
To Flash: Self Boot Disk
DMI: Satellite A100
TSETUP Default Settings:

PHOENIX BIOS (out of the box settings)

(Press F2 to Enter)

System Time: [XX:XX:XX]
System Date: [XX/XX/XXXX]

Hard Disk Drive TOSHIBA MK1234GSX-(S1)
Optical Disk Drive: MATSHITADVD-RAM UJ-841S-

System Memory: 640 KB
Extended Memory: 1038336 KB

System BIOS Version.: 2.10

Language: [English (US) / Francais / Japan]

Core Multi-Processing: [Enabled / Disabled]
Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode: [Dynamic / Always Low]
Pointing Devices: [Enabled / Disabled]
Built-in LAN: [Enabled / Disabled]
Wake-up on LAN: [Disabled / Enabled]

Legacy USB Support: [Enabled / Disabled]

Serial port: [Disabled]

Parallel port: [Disabled]

Power On Display: [Auto / LCD+AnalogRGB]
LCD Display Stretch: [Enabled / Disabled]]



User Password Is: Clear
Supervisor Password Is: Clear

Set User Password: [Enter]

Set Supervisor Password: [Enter]

HDD User Password Status: Not Registered

Built-in HDD Password Select [User Only / User+Master]
      Set HDD Master Password [Enter]
Set HDD User Password [Enter]

TPM: [Disabled]

2. FDD
4. LAN
5. USB Memory

Exit Saving Changes
Exit Discarding Changes
Load Setup Defaults
Discard Changes
Save Changes